Mobile apps and maps assess forest governance

A Forest Governance Information, Management and Monitoring System for the Greater Mekong WWF Germany Space+Science is supporting the development of a Forest Governance Information, Management and Monitoring System. The portal and associated mobile apps are monitoring and improving forest governance in the Greater Mekong, via the European Commission's Voices for Mekong Forests (V4MF) project which is strengthening the voices of non-state actors (NSA), including civil society, Indigenous Peoples and local community groups, to improve forest governance, sustainable forest management and the contribution of forests to development of Mekong countries. Online dashboards and information combine real-time data on deforestation and baseline indicators on forest governance in key landscapes is bringing a powerful voice to local NGOs in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. FGMS Vietnam - is comprised of a Survey123 form that can be used online or offline. Data are stored online and assessed by WWF-Vietnam and partner Pan Nature. FGMS Laos - is a stand alone application and form that is answered by partners and stakeholders, and integrated into this live dashboard and website, available in English and Lao. FGMS Cambodia - consists of a custom designed stand-alone mobile application to collect information on the ground related to illegal activities. The manual can be accessed here. The data are integrated into a live web application which summarizes field reports and a control room to view and analyse all collected data, and real-time location of data collectors (due to the sensitive nature of these information, these applications are restricted access only)  

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Tags: Forest, GLOBIL, Governance, Mobile app

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