a new satellite constellation for wildlife conservation

Photo credit: NASA Johnson, CC BY-NC

We are building a new “PandaSat” satellite constellation to launch into low earth orbit for a completely unprecedented effort in the conservation NGO scientific community. WWF and partners will be the first organisation of its kind to design, develop, launch and manage its own satellite constellation and network of micro-tags for conservation applications. Existing satellite tracking and communication systems are costly, bulky, extremely expensive and so rarely launched that they are designed and planned years in advance with no technological evolution possible. PandaSat is low-cost, and therefore flexible and able to adapt progressively over time, so that as new technologies come online or new challenges arise, PandaSat can fit to our needs, paving the way for a completely new approach to location tracking and monitoring for conservation. example tracking technology developed for birds by Dr. Rob MacCurdy's biosensing lab. 

do you have a use case for live tracking? or interested in partnering to build a new satellite constellation? Send us a note!

Tags: CubeSat, satellite, space, tracking, wildlife

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