Detailed Vegetation Mapping for gorilla conservation

Landsat image classification of the Virunga Conservation Area and Bwindi Impenetrable National park was conducted to help the International Gorilla Conservation Program's conservation efforts. The objectives of the mapping exercise were to discern as best as possible the many vegetation types in the Virungas and Bwindi protected areas, supported by extensive field data campaigns. In addition, in the area between the parks, the road network, and forested and deforested area was identified to support corridor planning.

A total of 11 unique vegetation types were mapped, with an accuracy of over 80%, along with forest cover change data to identify areas undergoing deforestation since 2000. An update of the map is envisioned, incorporating new field data, and upgrading to 10m Sentinel-2 imagery.

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Tags: Africa, Conservation, Gorilla, Habitat, Landsat, Vegetation

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