the Global Observation and Biodiversity Information Portal

GLOBIL is supporting the monitoring and visualization of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) conservation work in priority places around the world, data sharing and collaboration, communications and more. GLOBIL connects over 400 internal users, who upload and share data and create interactive maps, apps and story maps. We also host an open data page to allow greater ease of access to datasets that make a difference for conservation planning, monitoring and action. We use GLOBIL to showcase analyses and outputs, such as this application on Ramsar sites influenced by WWF   or integrate geoforms or mobile app data collection into live dashboards such as this one on conservation agriculture:   or provide rich communications, such as this story map on mangrove mapping via drone

do you need a web application? An interactive dashboard, an attractive story map or mobile data collection integrated into a webGIS? Contact us.

Tags: GLOBIL, online, webGIS

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