Meeting the space+science team, who bring diverse skillsets to our mission

Helga Kuechly

German Diploma in Geo-ecology from Potsdam University and a graduate Diploma in Conservation Ecology from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Skillset: image processing, spatial modelling and analysis, change detection, programming in R & Google Earth Engine, data digitalization  

Nuno Queiroz de Mesquita Cesar de Sa

Remote Sensing and AI-Analyst  

Espin Bowder

Master’s in Earth Science from Trinity College Dublin

Skillset: multi-disciplinary hybrid. Communications and Story Maps, creative multimedia design and editing, GIS, Infographics

Jennifer Wenzel

Student Assistant GIS & RS Impact Monitoring

Anton Hiller

Student Assistant GIS & RS Monitoring

Simon Spengler

Student Assistant GIS & Remote Sensing