Meeting the space+science team, who bring diverse skillsets to our mission

Helga Kuechly

German Diploma in Geo-ecology from Potsdam University and a graduate Diploma in Conservation Ecology from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Skillset: image processing, spatial modelling and analysis, change detection, programming in R & Google Earth Engine, data digitalization  

Felipe Costa

Master’s in GIS and Remote Sensing from the Technical University of Berlin

Skillset: the interconnections between GIS and Environmental Science, forest monitoring, hydrology, ecosystem services and human impacts.

Bart Gajc

Masters in GIS, surveying, cartography from Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie

Skillset: GIS, webGIS, database management, server infrastructure, modelling and automation

Muhammad Imran

Master’s in Geodesy & Geoinformation Sciences from Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Skillset: GIS, Web-GIS, ArcGIS Online, Spatial & non-Spatial Databases, Spatial Analysis, Internet Mobile & distributed GIS

Espin Bowder

Master’s in Earth Science from Trinity College Dublin

Skillset: multi-disciplinary hybrid. Communications and Story Maps, creative multimedia design and editing, GIS, Infographics

Samuel Harper

Head Global Business Systems, WWF International; CEO Global Data Labs

Skillset: big data analysis and analytics, business development, business intelligence, IT innovation

Dr. Areendran Gopala

Director-IGCMC (Remote sensing & GIS)

Skillset: Wildlife Biologist, Conservationist, Forest Monitoring, Image Processing, Photogrammetry, Spatial Data Analytics, Spatial Database Administrator, Web and Enterprise GIS Administrator, ESRI Online and Desktop Suite, Corridor planning, Wildlife Monitoring, Change Detection and Geospatial modelling.

Debojyoti Mallick

GIS developer WWF-India

Skillset: Web GIS Development, Geospatial Analytics, Spatial Database management, ArcGIS Enterprise Suite (Server and Portal), ArcGIS Online, GIS data collection, ArcGIS Desktop Suite , GeoServer, ArcGIS API for JavaScript, Open-Source GIS and Leveraging geospatial solutions to environmental issues.

Aurélie Shapiro

Master's in Landscape Ecology from Duke University and currently pursuing a phD in Geography at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.

Skillset: image processing, spatial modeling and analysis, change detection, data collection and aerial photography from drones and kites, mangrove mapping, Google Earth Engine programming